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Meet Dennis Cronin-Doyle
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Meet Dennis Cronin-Doyle

Dennis Cronin-Doyle, L.M.T. is a life-long resident of St. Louis.  He is a licensed massage therapist with the State of Missouri (License number 2009038835).  In addition, he has taken more than 200 hours of training to certify in the specialty of Thai Yoga Therapy. Dennis adapts his therapeutic approach to the needs of the client so a session may also incorporate Reflexology, Healing Touch Energy Balancing, Myofascial Release, Nervous System re-setting and Assisted Stretching.  Each session is customized to meet the needs and wants of the individual client.

While traditional Thai bodywork is done with both practitioner and recipient on a floor mat, Dennis has modified this style so that the recipient lies comfortably on a massage table throughout the session.

Dennis also teaches water exercise classes at Wellbridge in Clayton, MO and instructs Thai Bodywork technique classes for massage therapists at Elements of Wellness. He also supports exercise classes in the modalities of Feldenkrais, Tai Chi Chih and Qigong.

Dennis mainly works out of the Bend and Stretch office in St. Louis (University City), MO.  63130

He also sees clients at: Garden Walk Massage Therapy in Lafayette Square (St. Louis City)     

Bend & Stretch at 7120 Lindell Blvd   
St. Louis (University City), MO  63130

Schedule an appointment by calling or texting: 314.960.0937
or email: